Graphic Tray Mats – Pack (26) – A-Z



I designed these 8.5 X 11 laminated A-Z mats to fit inside the extra deep sand trays for use in handwriting practice. It is very important that children learn where to start their letters and the correct pencil movements. Please use these in conjunction with our Animabet Youtube letter writing videos that teach the proper way to write each capital and lowercase letter. The Animabet videos show the proper handwriting movement.  Each letter video wraps around for ten minutes.  You can can keep them up on the screen while you check through each student’s hand movements for accuracy. Once students show proficiency writing the target letter in the sand tray, you can excuse them from the carpet area to practice with pencil and paper. This is an excellent way to reduce the stress often associated with beginning handwriting. The A-Z mats can also be used as sorting mats for collections of small items or magazine picture cut-outs of a target letter. The trays are sold separately in our store.


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