Reciprocal Reading Log ~ FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


Reciprocal Reading Log


Reciprocal Reading Log ~ FREE DOWNLOAD ~ For Early and Pre-Readers


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Use this log to record your child’s learnings as you introduce each animal to your student using the A-Z playlist on Youtube at Animabet.

Reciprocal Reading Log Model Paper
Teaching Model ~ Reciprocal Reading Log

Keep this Reciprocal Reading Log beside you and fill it out as you watch the video together and discuss as you watch.

Model by asking QUESTIONS yourself out loud, for example, “I wonder if iguanas can drop their tails like lizards?”

Make PREDICTIONS before, during, and after you watch

Before: “I predict iguanas will drop their tails like lizards.”

During: “I predict THAT iguana is going to fall out of the tree. He looks cold.”

After: “I predict that iguanas are not endangered.”

Record your student’s QUESTIONS:

“Can he even move?”

“Is he nice?”

“Can he hang onto the tree?”

If you find the answer within the video, record the CLARIFICATION (answer to your question). You can also use this area to record any misconceptions that were cleared up.

“I thought those were cracks in his sides, but now I understand they are colors in his skin.”


Have your student draw the animal in this box.

You can also cut out magazine pictures or digital pictures and glue them here.


Record any connections made while watching

“Iguanas have claws like lizards and other reptiles.”

You can use this log for recording student learning when reading new books, watching an educational video, or even for real world experiences like a trip to the zoo!


Please post a photo of your completed log up on our Facebook site. We love to be a place where children can share their work and learning!

Mrs. M



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